Cargoworks Operational Model
  • Over 1.000.000 tons per year capacity
  • 100.000 sqm warehousing area
  • Highly secured facilities:
    • CCTV
    • Bio-metric card scanning doors
    • Fences
    • Security system
  • 7 x-ray screening machines, 4 with dual view generators / 3D (1,80x1,80 metres)
  • 2 Weight and Volumetric scanner
  • 20 docks (with roller-beds)
  • Cold rooms, VUN cage, DG storage
Operational Model
  • Perfectly equipped
  • Fully automated warehouse
  • Paperless co-ordination and real-time information
  • Speed / Efficiency / High quality
  • Dedication and high-developed platform at optimized costing
  • High investments in equipment, technology and IT segregation and non-congestion ramp transfers 
Cargo Handling Warehousing


  • All operational components below are listed.
  • Actual time measurements are conducted for each operational process such as:

    • Truck loading/unloading time

    • Weight & Volume check time

    • Export palletizing time

    • X-Ray screening time

    • Transfer point operations time

    • Import breakdown time

    • Import delivery time

    • Import delivery preparation/loading/unloading time and operational timings are evaluated by the applied statistics techniques.

  • For each operational section; daily, monthly and annual calculations conducted with related parameters.

  • All capacity sections and constraints are benchmarked on a capacity overview page.