There is no question about it: At a place where 60 million passengers with some 2.3 million Aircargo are transported and around 500.000 aircraft movements take place each year, where 78.000 people work on daily basis, the requirements of FULL SUPPLY CHAIN with first class cargo handling services will inevitably be expected and provided by CHI Aviation Handling GmbH.

Cargowork Europe


CHI Aviation Handling is a privately owned ground handling provider with a matrix set-up in a Group policy, located in Frankfurt/ Main Germany. CHI Group commenced operations at Frankfurt Airport in the Early 2000, operating today into 80 stations in Europe.

Up to date, CHI Aviation Handling has expanded into various markets providing ground handling cargo services through the transfer of vast know-how of service excellence with commitment and consistency.

All CHI Group companies are organized to benefit from pooled IT, Operations, Commercial and Procurement synergies.

CHI Aviation Handling focus is to empower and develop management and to create a working environment which engages staff positively in the developing plans of the company.

The sense of tradition, experience, advanced technology, investment in people, the ability to act nimbly and flexibly, and the quality approach that has been present since its foundation day, have made CHI Aviation Handling companies market leaders in each active sector.

CHI Aviation Handling provides a full variety of ground handling services in compliance to international quality standards focusing to customers’ satisfaction.