CHI Aviation Handling GmbH

Our Corporate Group comprises out of strong companies: CHI Aviation Handling GmbH, CHI Deutschland Cargo Handling GmbH, CHI Trucking & Services GmbH, AF Logistik GmbH, CHI NUE GmbH, CHI MUC GmbH, OPUS Logistic GmbH and others in different sectors.
Our people will provide you with industry leading know-how in all areas of logistics, not limited to aviation security, but also most other security services. We offer warehouse staff, certified foremen, forklift operators, air security personnel (x-ray screeners), all the way to facility security staff - we simply offer workforce supply solutions » Out of the box!


  • Since 1990 in the logistics business
  • 100.000 sqm warehouse space in FRA alone along with 1.000 employees
  • Qualified and certified warehouse staff, screeners, forklift-operators, DG Kat 6 &7/8
  • Transshipment facility, cross-docking, pick & pack operations, commissioning, e-commerce, etc.
  • Separate packaging company
  • Customized logistics consulting, i.e. acquire regulated agent status for your company
  • Consult on warehouse setup, logistics contracts, specialized Logistic IT-Consultation
  • Own X-Ray machines, sniffers, screeners, ETD, etc.
  • Temporary and long-term warehouse solutions available
  • 24/7/365 service available
  • Bonded warehouse with customs clearance
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