Benefits and advantages

CHI Aviation Handling GmbH wishes to build up the business concept for the consistence of our collaboration in close communication between the parties at both  HQ and local levels, for the next 4 years.

Eagerness to address an innovative marketing plan with highly concentered on cost saving.

As a process of rolling out new technologies (also with the new operational flow at building 556 short cut of times)  to improve the operational capabilities and allow you to experience cost savings.

Considering your operation and due to tough market conditions CHI Aviation Handling GmbH is ready to contribute cost saving activities of your Airline.


CHI Aviation Handling GmbH values the principles of transparency, objectivity and fearless during the policies of how to deal with a customer. We keep as confidential the commercially sensitive information of the company.

Insurance and Liabilities

We usually follow the IATA regulations and industrial framework. However, we are open to asses and modify as per our Customer’s requirements.