Cargoworks Logistic Consulting Services

We promise you with our track record proven expertise to support you with any management consultation all the way to executing any logistics concept from start to finish. We will utilize our vast network and industry leading know-how to create state of the art logistics solutions that will not only be focused on profit maximization, but also deliver quality of service.

Our consultation projects usually are tailored with feasibility in mind. We seek to sustain permanent economies of scale and scope for our customers. In a close cooperation, we are going to determine your potential inefficiency along with unnecessary high capital lockups. We will analyze any internal processes and give you an outlook of potential top line drivers or possible savings to drive your bottom line. All potentials will be reflected in our SWOT-analysis, which is part of our summary report.

Our customers value us for our ability to unlock cost savings, while enhancing service quality, and improving material flow.

We have helped several customers to acquire the highest standards of supply chain security, TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association). We have written numerous Aviation Security Plans (LFSP) from scratch for our customers, but even more importantly we keep your LFSP updated with all internal company processes and QM-Management systems. If you wish to obtain regulated agent status in accordance with regulation EC No 300/2008, we can supervise the process and even file all necessary paperwork. Your benefit of this status is reduced audit obligations, therefore reduced cost and furthermore time savings along the secured supply chain. Ask us about our extensive services in this field.