Fully automated warehousing, real-time information and Warehouse Management systems

Significant & continuous investment in IT infrastructure Resource Planning and Real-Time Operational Control System to increase operational productivity and service quality in a real-time environment

Cargoworks Integrated Systems

CHICARGO – Own Warehouse Handling System

Cargoworks Handling Intelligence Airline and Integrator & Forwarder Handling System

  • Cargo Acceptance / Delivery Management
  • Warehousing Operations Management
  • SLA / KPI Performance Management
  • Integrated Customs Process Management
  • C IMP Messaging Management - fully compatible with all versions
  • Fully Compatible with E-AWB
  • Customs Handling Process Management integrated with KEWILL
  • Stock Management
  • ULD Management
  • Discrepancy Control on weight & volume via Apache
  • Apache volumetric scanner – precise weight and volume check incl. Photo